Blood Donation during COVID-19

नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोस

According to AABB (American Association of Blood Banking) statement, “Individuals are not at risk of contracting COVID-19 through the blood donation process or via a blood transfusion, since respiratory viruses are generally not known to be transmitted by donation or transfusion. The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) continues to report that there have been no reported or suspected cases of transfusion-transmitted COVID-19 to date.”

In addition, no cases of transfusion-transmission were ever reported for the previous two coronavirus outbreaks that emerged in the past two decade (SARS, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, and MERS-CoV, which causes mideast respiratory syndrome) (source: However, further research is being conducted for its confirmation.

How to donate blood during a lockdown?

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NRCS is collecting blood from donors following safety measures to make sure that the donor’s health is not compromised. If you are unable to take your own vehicle, we work with the patient party in blood need to pick you up and drop you to your home safely. S/he will come to pick you up with a blood requisition form provided by the hospitals which are like a permit for their mobility. Patient parties are asked to wear masks and use hand sanitizer and made aware of the COVID-19 safety. You should also use a mask and sanitizer on your way to the blood bank and back.

NRCS is working with different organizations for a doing a door to door collection if there are more than 5 individuals ready to donate blood from the same place.

Why donate blood during a lockdown?

National newspapers and blood banks in Nepal have reported cancellation of blood donation events due to coronavirus concerns which is leading to blood shortage in and outside of Kathmandu valley. Healthy individuals are needed to donate blood immediately to help a number of patients who need blood regularly such as Thalassemia and Leukemia. In many ways donating blood is more important now than it has ever been to build up a strong blood supply for patients in need/emergency. Social distancing does not have to mean social disengagement.

Here’s a video on why it is more important now than ever to donate blood -

Protocol for safe blood donation

With a number of concerns and questions coming in from blood donors, Hamro LifeBank created a safety protocol document for blood donation to make sure donors' health is not compromised during donation at the COVID-19 emergency. The protocol is inclusive of feedback and technical support received from all the blood stakeholders in Nepal including blood banks and NRNA -BTS TT team. We have been sharing this protocol with donors .
Safe Blood Donation Protocol

Ragat Chahiyo Hotline

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Hamro LifeBank (HLB) has been providing a blood hotline service for all patients during this COVID-19 emergency situation. Our hotline number is 9801230045. Patients in need of blood can directly contact the HLB team via the number or through the HLB Facebook page.
☎️ Call 9801230045 Visit HLB Facebook Page

Awareness collaterals for blood donation during corona

Hamro LifeBank team has created awareness collateral for blood donation during the COVID-19 emergency which can be reused by all stakeholders according to their need.
Download Collateral.

Pledge to donate blood

Hamro LifeBank urges all the healthy individuals to visit the nearest blood bank to donate blood. Here is a list of blood banks in and outside Kathmandu valley.
List of Blood Banks.

You can also pledge to donate blood:
Pledge to Donate.

Current Blood Request Stats:

Weekly blood request calls received: 15