Myth: Newspapers can't carry the new coronavirus.

Fact: Newspapers which are touched by a person with COVID-19 may carry the virus for some time. However, the risk of being infected from a newspaper is low. That is because transmission of the virus depends on many factors, such as the quantity of virus one is exposed to, how long the virus survives on the surface, environmental and other conditions.

भ्रम: समाचारपत्रमा कोरोनाभाइरस हुन सक्दैन ।

यथार्थ: कोभिड - १९ बाट संक्रमित व्यक्तिले छोएको समाचारपत्रमा केहीसमय सम्म कोभिड-१९ का भाइरस हरु हुन्छन। तर , समाचार पत्रबाट यो भाइरस अर्को व्यक्तिमा संक्रमित हुने सम्भावना भने कम छ। यस्तो भाइरस अर्को व्यक्तिमा सर्न धेरै कारकहरुमा निर्भर हुन्छन ,जस्तै भाइरसको सम्पर्क मात्रा , वरपरको सतहमा जीवित रहने समय , वातावरणीय अवस्था आदि ।

Source: WHO